’22 Programme

November 18 – 20

Cine-Theater of Pombal

November 18 | Friday

Main Room

Festival Opening Session
with Improvisational Boy

Main Room
Competitive Session I
Le Syndrome D’Archibald (FRA) 19′.
The Soloists (FRA) 8′.
Work it Class! (ESP) 8′
Swän Søng (NOR) 9′.
La Nona Portata (IT) 10′.
Action (SWI) 6′
Shark (USA) 14′
7 Star Dinosor Entertainment (IND) 19′.
Nada nas Mãos (PT) 16′.

Scó Bar

After Party:
These Charming DJ’s

November 19th | Saturday

Competitive Session II
I Can Only Be Charles (BR) 7′.
Le Petit Prodige (BEL) 22′.
Autosaurus Rex (SWI) 6′.
Woody Allen Takes Revenge (IR) 20′.
Kayak (FRA) 6′
Table for 3 (ESP) 13′.
José Mamões (PT) 2′.
Opération Carcajou (CAN) 18′.
Competitive Session III
Alcanzar el Vórtice (ESP) 5′.
Johnny White (PT) 14′
Seniors 3000 (FRA) 16′.
You Touch Me (BR) 4′.
Rond R ond Rond (BEL) 7′.
The Quickie (LUX) 20′.
Phonorama (ESP) 13′.
Everest (FRA) 8′.
Café Concerto
Roundtable Discussion
with João Moreira, Luís Azevedo, Liliana Rosa, Tiago Iúri and Fernando Alle
Main Room
Case Filed (2022, PT)
CinEscola Project

Main Room

Competitive Session IV
Covid Love (NL) 6′
Pintango (ARG) 11′.
El Productor (ESP) 18′.
Danzamatta (SWI) 5′
Little Berlin (GER) 14′
Phlegm (SWI) 6′
Por Um Punhado de Trocos (PT) 6′.
Cuando Haces Pop (ESP) 17′.
Night of The Living Dicks (FIN) 19′.

Scó Bar

After Party
Hal 9000

November 20th | Sunday

Main Room
Competitive Session V
Whirlpool 3933 (ESP) 19′.
Anxiogene (FR) 17′.
Ballad of pipe and necklace (CRO) 12′
El invento de la Soledad (EQU) 20′.
Parlez-vous? (ESP) 8′
Cockpera(CROA) 5′
The Cannibal’s Last Meal (CHN) 24′
Main Room
Competitive Session VI
Stranger Than Rotterdam With Sara Driver (USA) 10′.
Speaking of Pastors (SWI) 7′.
Survivers (ESP) 7′.
Squish (BEL) 20′.
Red Cemetery (PT) 9′
Plastic Killer (AD) 20′.
Fish Fingers (SWI) 9′.
The Visitors (ESP) 15′.
Poor Antonio (ESP) 8′.
Main Room
Closing Session
with Gonçalo Parreirão at Cineconcerto

Winning Movies
of the Competitive Sections