João Moreira

Radio announcer, writer, comedian and film director. João currently works at RTP. He is the co-creator of Bruno Aleixo, a character which he voices and that is ever-growing on the Portuguese media. From the Aleixo universe, through its many projects, O Filme do Bruno Aleixo (2019) and Aleixo Psi (2017) are two of its highlights. Liliana Rosa

Researcher at NOVA FCSH and a lecturer at ESAP and ESTA/IPT. Liliana has a bachelor’s degree in Design from ESAD and holds a PhD in Communication Science from? NOVA FCSH, focusing on Cinema and Television. Recently she published different articles on subjects such as the New German Cinema, included in the collaborative anthology “História do Cinema: Dos primórdios ao cinema contemporâneo”. Luís Azevedo

Video essayist, editor, filmmaker. Luís has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from UTAD and a master’s degree in Cinema from Universidade da Beira Interior. He is the author of about 300 different projects in different outlets like BFI, MUBI, Little White Lies, Fandor, Barbican and Prime Video, including the web series Deconstructing Funny (2018). He has been mentioned in publications from Público, Sight & Sound and The Guardian for his work as a video essayist. Tiago R. Santos

Writer and filmmaker. Tiago’s career gained recognition with his work on the film Call Girl (2007). Since then, he has worked as a screenwriter in many films from António-Pedro Vasconcelos. Beyond cinema, he has written for TV-series such as Conta-me Como Foi (2010-2011) and Os Filhos do Rock (2014). This year he released the film Revolta (2022), which he has also directed. Tiago Iúri

Filmmaker, cinematographer and editor. Tiago has studied Sound and Image in ESAD, Caldas da Rainha. He started his career as a camera operator and editor on different TV projects, in channels like SIC, RTP and Fox Life. From 2017 onward, he has been focusing on directing and producing short films. His most recent projects are KAFKA (2021) and A Woman with a Camera (2021). His 2020 film Saudade has been nominated for the Portuguese academy awards – Prémios Sophia 2022. He also collaborates with the project Mov’Ilha as a programmer and producer.